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Security Company Kingsburg, Home Alarm Security Systems Kingsburg
(559) 394-2265 ed@alarm-one.com

Security Company Kingsburg, Home Alarm Security Systems Kingsburg

Alarm-1 is a professional security company in Kingsburg, CA offering home alarm security systems Kingsburg devoted to keeping Central Valley as safe as possible! Alarm-1 has the expertise, high-tech equipment and affordable packages to ensure that your home is the perfect sanctuary for you.

Alarm-1 provides security in the form of motion sensors, surveillance cameras along with key fobs for easier handling, key pads and of course home alarms – shrill enough to alert the people inside the house and the neighbors! The security system is designed to seamlessly fit in your door panels, window sills and walls, so you do not have to worry about any interference with the décor.

Our services also cater to businesses as well. Whether it’s a small shop at the corner of the street, or an office with thousands of employees, Alarm-1 is a credible and trustworthy choice for any type of place. We can adjust our security packages just for you so they conform to all of your security requirements.

Alarm-1 offers different monthly packages, so you can choose what you’re comfortable with. The packages include the security appliances, installation charges and monthly monitoring charges as well to form a bundle of services that leave you with nothing to worry about.

We also offer a Do-It-Yourself video package so, you can save yourself the cost of having one of our workers install the security system for you. This package includes not only the security equipment such as eyeball cameras and digital video recorders but also comes with ALL of the necessary cables, plugs and transformers that you will need. All you have to do is watch our tutorial and follow the instructions to easily install the security devices in your house or work place.

At Alarm-1, we have a team of skilled security professionals to work for you. Whether you are looking for a new security service, or are in dire need of technical support, you can rely on us to assist you with anything you need.

Alarm-1 understands the gravity of the situation requiring you to install a security system in the first place, and therefore our expertise install the most up-to-date technology so your safety is never compromised on. All security systems deployed can also conveniently be managed and monitored via a smartphone application. This app works as a control panel so you can be in control of the surveillance system from any corner of the world.

Get in touch now and begin to protect your home and workplaces for a safe and secure environment!